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We would like you to join our Successful Sixth Form!

Welcome to the Wellington College Sixth Form experience, which presents each one of our students with challenge and opportunity. Sixth Form at Wellington embraces learning, life and leadership, and our balanced and exciting enrichment offer allows each individual to engage with College life, while working towards excellent outcomes in exams. Our students go on to study at top universities, gain higher apprenticeships with leading companies, and excel in leadership and enterprise opportunities. 

In designing our Sixth Form curriculum we listen to employers, and work closely with universities, to ensure the subject combinations we provide allow access to competitive jobs and higher education pathways. In a fast changing world, we want all students to study subjects they will enjoy, excel at, and which will give them the skills needed to succeed in life beyond school. Our life skills programme supports the personal development of every pupil, and provides a supportive environment in which to study and perform to the best of your ability.

Each year we welcome new pupils, from a range of local schools. At Wellington we find that each individual quickly becomes part of our school family, and through our leadership and community service programmes are able to build their profile and form firm friendships. We are proud that new students often represent the College in sports, music and community events, and have the opportunity to become prefects in recognition of their success.

Wellington College Sixth Form is an excellent environment in which to engage, grow and excel in the final years of your school life. You will be supported to succeed, and develop both as a learner and a leader while preparing for the next steps in life.

Mr David Castles


What Wellington College Belfast can offer sixth form students:

  • Senior Prefect Leadership
  • Strong Teaching & Learning Opportunities
  • Year 14 Talks Programme
  • Charity Work
  • Strong Careers Programme
  • Academic Success
  • Music Opportunities
  • Learning Activities - such as the WCB Bake Off
  • Sixth Form Concert
  • College Production
  • Young Enterprise
  • Wellington +

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Sixth Form Student Testimonials

Wellington College Sixth Form provides pupils with the freedom to choose the subjects that they are passionate about. The teachers welcome and support every student on both an academic and pastoral level. 6th Form study allows the teachers and their classes to develop a strong relationship that helps students feel more confident within that subject and school life. Each department provides excellent resources to support learning and develop skills.

Furthermore, I believe that 6th form in Wellington facilitates your personal growth, which I found to be the most valuable aspect. As a year group, everyone grows together, creating life-long memories and friendships. If you are considering spending your 6th form years in Wellington College, I can guarantee you that you won’t regret it. Wellington will welcome you with open arms and help you to make the most of these enjoyable, worthwhile and unforgettable 2 years.

Ben (WCB Head Boy: 2019-2020)

I had many unforgettable years at Wellington and the College continues to provide many opportunities at 6th Form. The Year 13 Higher Education+ scheme of super-curricular classes (linked to Cambridge University) allows pupils to access ‘Russell Group’ universities, while Wellington+ is a certificate to encourage College participation beyond academics.

I was also an inaugural member of the WCB Eco Club. There is also the enriching annual 6th Form Concert. The message at the heart of Wellington College Belfast is simple: community. I know that the teachers appreciate our skills and are here for us as mentors, during and beyond class hours. WCB was not just a school to me, but a home.

Molly (WCB Head Girl: 2019-2020)

“I chose to join Wellington College 6th Form as it offered the subjects that really suited me, with A-Levels in Nutrition and Food Science and Health and Social Care plus the Btec in Sport. I found the teachers were very supportive and providing us with the tools to prepare for life beyond school. Wellington also helped my leadership skills and I learned to co-operate with an array of different personalities. Outside the classroom, I was involved with hockey and played on the rugby tag team. Wellington College has a great support system. I felt very welcome from the first day and the teachers are incredible”. 


I decided to join Wellington College Belfast 6th Form as it provided the best fit for my desired A Level subjects: Geography, Health and Social Care and Btec Sport. My favourite subject was BTEC Sport, as I thoroughly enjoyed the practical aspects and the coursework suited my learning style. I was also very grateful for the guidance given by the Careers Department, who demonstrated a genuine interest in my future. Throughout 6th form I was involved in senior hockey (becoming Vice-Captain of the 1st XI) and senior girls tag rugby. I was also involved with the senior Christian Union.

Beginning a new school journey at 6th year was one of the most daunting things I have done. Before I started at Wellington, I was worried if I had made the right decision. However, the teachers, pupils and the pastoral care I was shown throughout the two years made my time both enjoyable and memorable. I only wish I was here for longer.


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